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Web Application Development

A custom web application will save time for you and your staff.

Custom web application features and options:

  • Consolidate and integrate your existing data
  • Automate manual processes
  • Gain a deeper insight into your business through data analytics
  • Access your application securely from any device
  • Manage your customers, subscribers, members, or registrants
  • Fast access with barcode or QR code integration
  • Integrate custom components into your existing website such as pdf export and integration or automated mapping


Our custom web applications use secure password storage over an encrypted connection. Sensitive data is stored in an encrypted format. We have an extensive library of code from past projects, reducing future development time. Below are a few examples of the custom web applications we have developed and can be available for you.

Website for Citywide Yard Sale Management

Key Features:

  • Create sales as needed from one to three days
  • Export seller data to Excel
  • Sellers can place yard sale ads with selected sale categories, full description, and image upload support
  • Yard sale shoppers can search by keyword, sale date or category
  • Save favorite ads
  • View yard sales on a map and view nearby sales

Please visit for help managing your own citywide yard sale.

Custom Web Application for managing a citywide yard sale

Scheduling Web Application

Key Features:

  • Track customers
  • Add one or more jobs for each customer
  • Save notes with optional images for each job
  • Create tasks or appointments for each job
  • Calendar view by month, week or day, include or exclude weekends
  • Assign one or more employees to tasks or appointments
  • Employees may have restricted access to view their own tasks or schedules and record job notes.
  • Custom reporting can provide the exact data analysis you need to identify your business strengths and weaknesses

View more details. Please contact us for a live demo and quote.

Custom Web Application for managing customers, jobs and scheduling

Website for Business Networking Groups

Key Features:

  • Each member business is listed in an online directory and has their own public page that includes their business name, logo, description, contact information and shoutouts received
  • Member's shoutouts can be easily shared to social media
  • Follows web accessibility guidelines
  • Mobile-ready - adapts to fit any screen size
  • Member referral totals can be publicly shared
  • Local events calendar to promote weekly meetings and member public events
  • New members are automatically featured on the homepage

Current examples include and

Visit for more information please contact us for a live demo and quote.

Website for business networking group

Custom Web Application for Furniture Share/Furniture Bank

Key Features:

For Admin Users

  • Manage access to the administrative section. Add, edit or delete users.
  • Customize list of furniture items in the system. Furniture items are established with an item name (ex. bed), item type (ex, standard bed, bunkbed, etc), item size (ex, full, king, queen), and item component (ex. Full set, mattress, box spring, frame). Many items will be listed with an item name only, the other parameters are optional to further define an item.
  • Manage referring agencies and case workers. Adding a case worker will enable them to log in and submit new cases online.
  • Manage clients and client cases. Each case is associated with a client record, an agency record, and an optional case worker record. The case includes a list of requested items. These requested items can be marked as fulfilled individually for each case.
  • Client cases can also be added to a scheduling system to assign drivers/employees to deliver the items at a specified day and time. The calendar system can also maintain pickup appointments to pickup donated items. The calendar can be viewed by day, week, month and can be printed to match your preferred format. Electronic access can be established for workers to view their own daily schedule online.
  • Track items donated
  • Reporting - Reporting includes the number of cases with a breakdown of number of people (children and adults), number served by situation (ex. Disabled, homeless, fire displacement, etc), number served by race, by county and by city. The report also includes a list of all items distributed. The report can be filtered by date range, and one or more counties, or cities. 

For Case Workers

  • A case worker can securely log in to add new clients and cases. When a case worker adds a case, the admin will receive an email notificaiton and can then review the request. They can then accept it into the system and schedule it.
  • If a case worker does not yet have an account, they can submit a request form that is sent to the admin. The admin can then add a new case worker account.
  • A case worker can view cases and the status of cases from their agency. Access can be restricted to their own cases only if desired.
  • After a case has been accepted by the admin, the case worker can no longer edit the case details
  • Case workers can receive email notifications when a case has been accepted, scheduled, and fulfilled. Status notificatons can also be sent to the client if an email address is provided.

Furniture Share in Albany

Please contact us for a live demo and quote.

Furniture ShareCustom Web Application for managing a furniture share or furniture bank

Custom Website for Property Management Businesses

Key Features:

  • Custom designed to suit your needs
  • Secure administrative section allows staff to manage online listings, upload property photos, and view form submissions
  • Collect lead data for potential landlords and renters
  • Indicate featured property listings for promotion on home page
  • Renters can filter listings view by city or other parameters
  • Each rental listing has its own page and is optimized for sharing to social media channels
  • Automated mapping for rental listings

Current examples include and

Please contact us for a live demo and quote.
Custom Web Application for managing customers, jobs and scheduling

Website for Convention or Event Management

Their site was built with an extensive set of tools for administering and planning the convention, checking in guests including self checkin at a kiosk, and post convention attendee surveys. The BASS Convention has been on haitus since the beginning of COVID.

Key Features:

  • View, approve, and schedule workshops submitted online with automatic notification emails to presenters
  • Send emails to subscribers (an alternative to Constant Contact)
  • View and manage site users, convention registrations, and exhibitor registrants
  • Check in atendees at convention with custom app including barcode scanning
  • View relative popularity of workshops
  • Send branded email announcements and information to specific groups

Please contact us for a quote.

Website for conventions or events

Custom Web Applications for the Waste Industry

These custom tools include:

  • Service day lookup tool
  • Diversion Calculator
  • Street Sweeping schedule lookup tool
  • Service rate calculator

View these tools.
* Please note these tools were developed before current responsive design methods were available.

Please contact us for a quote if we can develop custom web applications for your website.

In addition to the above examples, we have also have experience with custom web applications for the banking industry, healthcare industry, ecommerce and much more. We find solutions to make the web work for you. What can we create for you?