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We Specialize in Custom Web Application Development.

Custom Website Design

Site design made specifically to suit your organizations needs. Our designs are built using a responsive platform, meaning one site will scale to look good on a smartphone screen or big screen tv and everything in between.

Custom Web Application Development

Our web application development will add the features to your site that will make it a useful tool for you and or your clients. Convert labor intensive manual processes to complete automatically or with greatly reduced effort and time. Our web application development is done using the ColdFusion progamming language. Import and integrate data and work with it in ways you probably didn't think was possible.

Website Redesign and Maintenance

Is your website up to date? It is a responsive design that will adapt to any screen size? Is it performing to your expectations? Does it rank well for search keywords you need to get visitors to your site? Cyber Scriber can provide a maintenance service to analyze your visitor statistics and make sure your site is optimized for search engines and ease of use by your visitors.

Website vs Web Application
What's the difference?

A website is a mostly informational presenentation of your organizations offerings. A web application is a website that does something or many things. It offers ways for your site visitors to customize their experience, interact with your organization, exchange data, complete and record sales transactions, automate email processes. These are just a few examples of functions a web application might contain.

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