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How to access your email

Cyber Scriber customers can access email using any standard email protocol with your computer, tablet, smartphone. Exactly how to set up your email account depends on which program you're using, but the variables you'll need to know are:

  • Connection type:
    You can connect using the pop3 or imap protocol. If you're not sure which to use and why, use pop3.

  • Userid:
    (may be called account name or user name). This is your full email address.

  • Password:
    If you don't know your password, sorry. Cyber Scriber does not keep any record of user passwords and cannot view them, but it can be reset it if needed. Passwords must be at least 6 characters, cannot contain the account name, and should have a mixture of upper and lower case and letters and numbers and punctuation.

  • Incoming mail server:
    Enter Replace "" with whatever your actual domain name is.

  • Outgoing mail server.
    • Enter, select the option that indicates your server requires authentication. All other settings should work with their default values. If this does not work, one reason might be that your internet service provider is blocking the default smtp port. Find this in your settings and change it from 25 to 26.
    • If you're sure of your settings and option 1 above is not working, then your isp may be blocking all outgoing email that is not using their mail servers. They sometimes do this to prevent spammers from using their bandwidth. In this case, you will have to use the smtp server name provided by your isp and all other settings they provide. This may include using an encrypted connection, alternate port number, and entering your account login information.

Connecting with an encrypted connection (recommended)

To connect to your email account over an encrypted connection, use as both the incoming and outgoing server. The incoming POP port is 995, and IMAP is 993. The outgoing port is 465.

Accessing email over the web

Access the Smartermail web portal. Your login is your full email address. Then enter your password and click login.

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