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Custom Website and Web Application Development.

Custom Website Design

We create custom responsive designs that fit the specific needs of the client.

A responsive website is designed to scale or show and hide specific elements of a site to fit any size screen from a mobile phone to a large TV screen or monitor.

Custom Web Application Development

Think of a web application as more of a traditional computer program that runs on the web. Your web application may benefit your customers, your employees, your management team, or all of the above.

Web Application Examples:

BASS Convention:
BASS Convention is an annual convention offering hundreds of workshops over a weekend. Our custom web applications solved many problems and automated many manual processes.

  • Exhibitor Registration with payment processing
  • Guest Registration with payment processing
  • Workshop registration, approval and scheduling
  • Presenter registration
  • Guest workshop itinerary
  • Event check-in with barcode tickets

Martine Penilla Group
Martine Penilla Group is a silicon valley law firm specializing in patent and trademark law. A custom web application was developed to work with their internal office docketing software database. This greatly extends the capabilities of their existing data.

  • View client case data with options to filter and search
  • Maintain case notes
  • Create and maintain custom reminders based on case renewal needs and track completion of tasks

Koinonia Conference Grounds
Koinonia Conference Grounds offers conference facility rentals and summer camps. Our custom application has made camp management, registration, and checkin automated and requires far fewer hours to manage the data.

  • Secure online camper registration and payment processing for any of 5 summer camp programs
  • Complete cabin leader and summer staff applications online with secure admin review
  • Custom discount programs
  • On site mobile guest check-in with tablet
  • Maintain private secure encrypted notes

Republic Services
Republic Services maintains a corporate site for most of its locations. The Santa Clara location has specific needs for custom web applications.

  • Waste Diversion Calculator
  • Service Day Lookup Tool
  • Rate Calculator
  • Host a real time chat with customers

Demo Site

Williams Roofing Company
A custom web application was created to help Williams Roofing Company manage its customers. These principles can be applied to any company to manage efficiently manage it's customers, services and inventory

  • View sales graphs by job type, salesperson and date
  • Track leads
  • Track and schedule jobs - create custom pdf lead sheets
  • Search and view jobs by numerous criteria - roof type, job city, salesperson, roof color, etc.
  • Export client, job, or lead data to excel

All of the above features are not accessible to the public.


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