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Upgrade to a "Smart" Website

2023 marked the emergence of a groundbreaking resource for websites: OpenAI API Assistants. Familiar with ChatGPT? Perhaps you've interacted with it? An Assistant essentially integrates that same intelligent 'brain' directly into your website. This integration occurs through establishing a bridge between your website's server and the OpenAI servers, allowing seamless AI interaction with your website. Whether it's a single query or an engaging conversation, the Assistant is designed to be intuitive and responsive, mimicking the familiar chat experience we all know.

Key Features of an OpenAI Assistant:

  • Multilingual Understanding and Response
    Can interact in multiple languages, making your website accessible to a diverse audience.

  • Conversational Interaction
    Capable of engaging in natural, human-like conversations in text or natural sounding voice.

  • Customizable Persona
    Adapts to embody a specific persona, aligning seamlessly with your brand's voice and character.

  • Data Interaction
    Integrates with your website’s data, providing dynamic responses based on real-time information.

  • Function Execution
    An Open AI Assistant is capable of calling custom functions on our websites such as sending emails, generating PDF reports, and so much more, directly from the website.

  • Continual Improvement
    OpenAI’s technology is constantly evolving, ensuring cutting-edge performance and capabilities.

When you combine these capabilities with a custom developed web application, the possibilities are endless.

Smart Planner

The concept of a smart planner is to provide the user with a form to create a scope of information necessary to understand how to provide a helpful response. To test this idea, I have created a Smart Web Planner.

This concept could apply to a wide variety of business and public services. Say you have a community organization to promote a downtown of a city. A "Smart Visitor Planner" could collect information from a visitor on the website such as their age range, interests (hiking, wine tasting, beer tasting, farmers markets, favorite kinds of music, etc), are they with or without children and so on. By using a form, we can be sure we collect the information necessary to create a good prompt to send to the Assistant. Much of the magic is the prompting!.

Here's where it gets good. The Assistant can be loaded with your custom data, so in this case, we would give it access to our events calendar data and local business database. It would then return a custom recommendation for our visitor of businesses, events, local attractions to check out when they are visiting. It could even check the weather forecast and remind them to dress for the appropriate weather.

We can have specific control of the output. For example, if we wanted to showcase a local business, we can show the logo, name, website link, etc in the format we provide to the Assistant. And this can all be done in the preferred language of the user.

Contact us if you would like a demo of this tool.

Multilingual Form Translation

multi lingual form representation

In today’s diverse communities, language should not be a barrier to accessing services or conducting business. With an AI Assistant multilingual form translation service is now a practical option for local businesses and organizations looking to connect more effectively with their non-English speaking local population. This feature allows users to fill out forms in their preferred language, fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment. It’s not just about reaching more people; it’s about providing equal access and opportunity for all community members.

For business owners who are more comfortable in languages other than English, this service is equally beneficial. It translates customer inquiries from English to the owner's native language, ensuring clear and effective communication. Whether it's for local government bodies aiming to better serve their constituents or businesses seeking to expand their customer base within the community, using AI as a translation service bridges the language divide, making your website a more accessible and user-friendly space.

Demo Multi-lingual form translation

Custom Chat Assistant

  1. Customer Interaction and Support:
    • Engage Customers: Trained on your company data, an AI Chat Assistant can provide real-time answers to customer queries, enhancing the user experience.
    • Product Information: Delivers detailed product descriptions, recommendations, and support.
    • Lead Generation: Captures potential customer information, contributing to your sales pipeline.
  2. Internal Organizational Support:
    • Employee Assistance: Offers instant answers to common HR queries like benefits, pay schedules, and company policies.
    • Internal Queries: Assists in managing internal requests and streamlining company communications.
  3. Customizable to Specific Business Needs:
    • Database Integration: Can read and write to your existing database, ensuring seamless information flow.
    • Function Execution: Capable of executing custom functions tailored to your specific operations.
    • Adaptable Interface: Designed to match your website’s look and feel for a cohesive user experience.
  4. Benefits for Non-English Speaking Business Owners:
    • Translation Services: Translates customer interactions for non-English speaking owners, bridging the communication gap.
    • Multilingual Support: Offers support in multiple languages, catering to a diverse customer base.
  5. Advanced Customization:
    • Scalable: Easily scales with your business, accommodating growing customer interactions and data management needs.
    • Security: Ensures data privacy and security, keeping sensitive information protected.

Contact us for a demo of a custom chat assistant.

Spam Detection Using AI

Website contact forms are crucial for customer interaction but often attract spam. While traditional methods can filter most spam, customized and manually submitted spam messages can still slip through. Cyber Scriber addresses this challenge by employing an AI Assistant. This advanced tool reviews each message, analyzing its content to determine if it's spam, and relays this information back to our servers. The result? A cleaner, more efficient communication channel that saves you time and hassle.

Interested in AI Integration for Your Website?

As we embrace the advancements in AI technology, it's important to understand what this integration entails for your website. We are currently utilizing OpenAI Assistants in their beta phase. This technology, while promising, is still emerging and can yield varying results. Regular monitoring and adaptation are key to harnessing its full potential effectively.

Please be aware that with this technology comes certain responsibilities and costs. Clients will need to account for the fees associated with API usage, which are dependent on the extent of use and the specific AI models required for their tasks. Our goal is to provide you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision about integrating AI into your website. We're here to assist and guide you in this amazing new technology.


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