Scheduling application

Scheduling Web Application

Keeping customers, jobs and scheduling organized and coordinated can be difficult to maintain for many small businesses. Many start with a home-brew combination of an excel file with Google Calendar. This is hard to maintain consistently, difficult or impossible to track the information that is important to your businesses, and does not offer easy access to your team.

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Our scheduling web application is designed for small businesses that need a good way to organize their customers, jobs and scheduling in a cloud-based web application. We customize each application to suit your specific business needs.

  • Track customers
  • Add one or more jobs for each customer
  • Save notes with optional images for each job
  • Create tasks or appointments for each job
  • Calendar view by month, week or day, include or exclude weekends
  • Assign one or more employees to tasks or appointments
  • Employees have restricted access to view their own tasks or schedules and record job notes.
  • Custom reporting can provide the exact data analysis you need to identify your business strengths and weaknesses

Tasks or Appointments?

If your services are route based, where your employees are performing work at the customer's home or business, then our system would be set up to use appointments. This allows you to set an appointment date, time and time windows. Businesses that would likely use this system would include appliance repair service, carpet cleaning service, pest control service, etc.

If your services are shop based, where your customers bring jobs to you or create products in your shop, then we would use tasks. Tasks include a start date, date due. Businesses that would likely use a task-based scheduling system would include machine shop, auto mechanic, bicycle repair shop, etc.

In either case, one or multiple employees can be assigned to a task or appointment.

Application Options

  • Parts Tracking
    If your jobs require parts, the parts tracking component can be included. This allows you to track parts or material ordered for a job. This can include the part cost, amount charged to client, date ordered and date received. This helps with monitoring and tracking of parts that are taking a long time to arrive.
  • Parts/Equipment Request
    This component allows employees to submit a request through the application for parts or materials that are needed. Management can then fulfill the request as needed.
  • Purchase Orders
    This component would allow creation of purchase orders. The output can be customized to match your existing purchase order format and saved as a pdf file.
  • Employee Access
    You may want only office staff and management to access the system, but it can also be set up to allow employees to have restricted access as needed. Access can be limited to viewing their own schedule, editing jobs, adding job notes or adding tasks/appointments.
  • Multiple Routes/Crews
    Maintain multiple distinct schedules for multiple routes or crews
  • Client Notifications
    The application can be configured to send an email notification to your customers. Messages can be automated or available with an editable predefined script. This can reduce phone calls from clients asking about the status of their job.

What is a Web Application?

A web application is not the type of "app" that you would download to your phone. This runs over the web, so you can use any modern web browser on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. The application is "responsive," so the content will scale and adjust to properly fit any screen size.

What does it cost?

The cost depends on the amount of customization needed for your business. We can truly create just about anything to suit your business. Our base package with minimal customization starts at $1450. The hosting for the application is then maintained at a cost of $50/month.

Please contact Chris at Cyber Scriber for a demo and personalized quote. 541-327-5045 or [email protected]


What is hosting? Why is there a monthly cost?

The scheduling application is made accessible over the web. The monthly hosting cost pays for a leased web server managed at a server farm and managed by a 24x7 support staff. Your data is kept secure by maintaing the latest software updates. Your data is backed up nightly with a two week archive of backups. The application is further protected with a web application firewall that examines every request to the application to block hacking attempts.


Scheduling Web Application Demo

Adding Employees

Begin by adding one or more employees. This is necessary to assign them to job tasks or appointments.

Adding Jobs

Adding jobs begins by adding a new customer if they 're not yet in the system. We can often import your existing customer list if you have it in an electronic format.

The job form is customized to fit your specific business needs.

After a job is added, you can add a task or appointment. This example shows the task based system.

One or more parts may be added to a job (if parts do not apply to your jobs at all, this module can be removed). Track when each part is received to not lose track of delays.